I’ve pulled the plug on Code Quarterly. To read about why, please see this blog post. Thanks for your interest. —Peter Seibel

Code Quarterly is a new publication that intends to publish in-depth articles of interest to hackers. Readers will be able to read them on the web or buy DRM-free PDFs, Kindle and iPad versions, and print-on-demand paper copies. Subscribers to our print journal will receive a beautifully typeset quarterly containing all the articles from the past three months.

We believe there’s a niche waiting to be filled by someone publishing well-written technical pieces longer than the average blog article but shorter than books and making them available in a variety of formats. We are aiming at depth more than absolute timeliness; there are already plenty of outlets for the latest tech buzz.

We are just getting started and are looking for contributors who want a chance to dig deeply into a subject and explain it to their hacker peers and get paid to do it. Here are some of the kinds of articles we hope to publish:

If this sounds interesting, please fill out the form on the right if you'd like us to let you know about our progress. Or follow us on twitter. If you are interested in writing for the Quarterly, please take a look at our writer’s guidelines.


Peter Seibel <editor@codequarterly.com>

Author, Practical Common Lisp & Coders at Work

Editor, Code Quarterly