I’ve pulled the plug on Code Quarterly. To read about why, please see this blog post. Thanks for your interest. —Peter Seibel

Greetings. Code Quarterly is a new publication, edited and published by Peter Seibel, author of the books Coders at Work and Practical Common Lisp. Our goal is to publish in-depth articles of interest to hackers. Once we get going full speed, you will be able to read our articles on the web, buy DRM-free PDFs and ePub versions, and subscribe to our beautifully typeset print quarterly. For now, here are a couple of Q&A interviews—one of several kinds of articles we are planning to publish—to give you a sense of what’s in store. Enjoy!

Hal Abelson Q&A by Peter Seibel

Co-author of the classic Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs interviewed by Code Quarterly Editor, Peter Seibel.

Rich Hickey Q&A by Michael Fogus

Michael Fogus, author of Joy of Clojure, interviews Clojure creator Rich Hickey.