Greetings would-be Lisper,

Due to a lack of mental and CPU cycles, I have not been able to keep up with producing up-to-date Lispboxen. Consequently the Lispbox distributions that used to be downloadable from here have become attractive nuisances—things that look like they'd be useful but mostly are not. But times have changed and there are every day better and better ways to get set up with Lisp. If you can install Emacs and a Lisp you can use Quicklisp to get set up with an up to date SLIME to say nothing of every Lisp libarary under the sun. And Zach Beane, author of Quicklisp, has made noises about building something to help with installing Lisp to start with.

You can also check out the relocated Lispbox project which has produced some test builds of Lispboxen and may have made more progress by the time you check.

I apologize for not being a better maintainer of Lispbox, but I figured it was better to be honest about the situation than to have you waste your time trying to install something that is more and more out of date.

Peter Seibel

P.S. Anyone interested in helping produce Lispboxen should check out the project page and post something to the mailing list listed there.